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  Brian Briggs, Publisher

Brian Briggs, Publisher

  Heather Putman, Editor

Heather Putman, Editor

You could be anywhere -
New York, New Orleans, San Francisco, or Chicago - and when the subject of Austin comes up, almost everybody says it the same way: “Oh, I love Austin.”

Some people live here, some were born here, and some are visiting here. Whichever it is, that you are here makes you the envy of a great many people. 

Welcome2Austin Magazine will be your friend, your local in-the-know, full of photos and places in and around the city. You’ll be introduced to great things to do, eat, drink, and go. 

Cover to cover, you’ll discover what Central Texas offers and specifically, what makes Austin the go-to city that everyone loves. 

Believe me, you might occasionally be fussy about too much traffic or too-fast growth. But as a lifelong, constant traveler I’ve seen the other side. I’ve seen towns and cities that once were where things happened, now fading and becoming distant memories of good times. 

They say when you are living through major changes, you tend not to realize that you were there as history was being made. Well, make no mistake - history is being made here in Austin. 

The rise of a great city will bring more business, more fun, and more things to us all - and you can be sure we’ll be there, right in the middle of it. 

Welcome to Austin. 

- Brian Briggs, Publisher
Heather Putman, Editor


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